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As men age, testosterone levels naturally decrease and can interfere with sexual enjoyment and performance. Prescription and non-prescription treatment options are available to boost testosterone and restore sexual health. Andro 400 is a male enhancer product that is formulated for men with low testosterone. You can learn more about this and other male enhancement supplements at Top Male Enhancers.

Naturally Boosting Testosterone

While several factors can contribute to performance, erection, and desire problems, testosterone is often at the root of the problem. As levels decrease with age, men become more likely to experience problems achieving and maintaining erections long enough for sexual enjoyment. Andro 400 is sold as a testosterone booster to correct erection and performance problems that are associated with low levels of testosterone.

The supplement contains ingredients that are known to boost testosterone, such as eurycoma longifolia and tongkat ali. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide a full ingredient list with concentrations of each ingredient. This makes it difficult to compare the quality and quantity of ingredients with other supplements.

Dosage & side effects should always be considered before buying any supplement. The dose of this product can range from 2 to 4 capsules each day. It is generally advisable to start off with two capsules per day and then move up to four, if you are not getting the results you want. Users have not reported experiencing significant side effects when taking this product.

Studies and Reviews

Does it work? This information can often be ascertained through clinical studies and unbiased product reviews. Scientific studies can often prove measurable results. This supplement was studied over a 12 week period with participants that included men from 30 to 55 years old. The study showed that participants taking the supplement had improvements in erections, sex drive, and some had a decrease in body mass.

It is always important to consider your goals before buying a supplement. While this supplement appears to offer advantages for erection quality and sex drive, others may offer additional benefits for prostate health, orgasm quality, and energy. You should carefully consider your goals and then use the information and reviews at Top Male Enhancers to select a quality product that will meet your expectations.