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Men frequently turn to a natural male enhancement supplement because they are experiencing difficulty achieving or maintaining erections or have concerns about size or performance. Unfortunately, finding an unbiased source of information can be challenging. Top Male Enhancers was created to provide a resource for men to learn about the most effective products.


Male enhancement supplements are used by men of all ages and walks of life, from older men interested in preserving their sex lives to adult film stars. This supplement was designed by a star of adult movies to help him perform in his career. The product is marketed for improving size, erection quality, and increasing libido and performance.

Not all supplements are created equally. Some contain inferior ingredients, chemicals, or use insufficient extraction methods. The ingredients in this product include what the manufacturer refers to as a “proprietary blend.” The blend includes ingredients such as tribulus terrestris, l-arginine, and epimedium, which are commonly used in quality supplements. However, the concentrations of each ingredient are not provided, making it difficult to ensure they are present in sufficient quantities.

The dosage for this supplement is two capsules taken twice each day for the first two weeks. The dose is then lowered to one pill, taken twice per day. If desired, another pill can be taken about an hour before sexual activity to give you the boost you need. The supplement should be taken with water and a meal.

Making the Decision

Selecting a treatment for erectile dysfunction is a big decision and it is the responsibility of each man to research their options and select a quality product that is safe. A PHGH review offers information about the ingredients, dosage, side effects, and the success rate that you can expect with this medication. At Top Male Enhancers, you can read product reviews of several of the best-selling supplements on the market.

Each person is unique and a supplement that works wonders for one man may not be the right choice for another. Additionally, supplements may not be safe for every man. You should seek medical advice before taking any supplement. The doctor may advise against taking this supplement for patients with heart disease, blood pressure medications, other medical conditions and prescription drugs.