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Millions of men are searching for methods of improving erections and sexual performance. At Top Male Enhancers, we provide information about male enhancer supplement products and reviews for men to read about the available options. You can read through the website to find products that work and compare the results offered by leading natural male enhancement supplements.


Men often look for pills to increase erection size because they are concerned about providing a satisfying experience for their partners. This supplement promises larger and thicker erections, increase libido, and a faster recovery time.

The manufacturer touts the ingredients as containing compounds that work to increase the size of the penis. The formula contains l-arginine, tribulus terrestris, maca root, l-citruline, tongkat ali, avena sativa, vilis vinifera, muira puama, and other ingredients in a proprietary complex.

The ingredients, dosage & side effects should always be considered when buying a male enhancement supplement. The dosage is two pills per day, taken on an empty stomach. After initially taking two, some men continue taking just one per day for maintenance. There are no side effects noted for this product for most men. However, men with heart disease or blood pressure problems may be advised to avoid it.

Evidence of Effectiveness

When researching supplements, it is important to consider the source and type of information that you use to make your decisions. To answer the question, does it work, you should consider clinical studies, product reviews, and other accolades, rather than merely relying on advertisements and testimonials on the product website. The Adult Video Network awarded this male enhancer supplement with their “2014 Breakthrough Pill of the Year” award.

Similarly, a Rexavar review found on the manufacturer’s website is less likely to be unbiased than an independent product review or reviews from men who have used the product. There is a lack of clinical studies to back up the claims and the product is among the newer male enhancement supplements. At Top Male Enhancers, you can read and compare product reviews to find a quality product that will fit your budget.