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ED is a fairly common problem for men, especially as they grow older. The most commonly used treatments for men with erectile dysfunction include prescription drugs and natural male enhancement supplements. You can discuss prescription medications with your doctor and learn more about natural treatment options at Top Male Enhancers.

Prescription vs. Non-Prescription Products

When deciding between prescription medications and supplements, there are several factors to consider. Stendra is a prescription medication that is prescribed by doctors for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. While many men have gotten great results from drugs, others prefer to avoid them for a number of reasons, including concerns about side effects and a preference for natural remedies.

There are advantages to taking a natural male enhancement product. If the side effects of drugs are a concern, natural supplements tend to produce fewer, and less severe, side effects. In addition, the products can be purchased discreetly and confidentially. Several of the most effective are widely available in stores and online.

Safety and Effectiveness

Whether you decide to try a natural supplement or go with a prescription medication, you need to research your options and select a safe and effective treatment. Does it work? What are the active ingredients? You should also look for information about the dosage & side effects that other users have experienced. The side effects of this medication include headache, back pain, sore throat, and less commonly, problems like erections that won’t go away and hearing or vision problems.

A Stendra review can provide information about effectiveness and side effects. This medication, like most drugs prescribed for erectile dysfunction, can cause blood pressure to drop suddenly. These scans result in dizziness or even heart attack or stroke. The medication is generally not recommended for people who have heart problems or for individuals taking nitrates.

Your own personal health is an important factor when treating erectile dysfunction. Certain prescription drugs and natural supplements are not considered safe for people with heart disease, blood pressure problems, and certain other health conditions. For this reason, you should speak to your doctor, as well as read product reviews to ensure that the decision you make is best for your unique health.